The new South Morang Station is open for business.

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April 22nd, 2012 the new South Morang Station is opened for business by Transport Minister Terry Mulder.
The first train arrives.
On the 14th April, 2012 during an open day to showcase the new South Morang Station the first train to take passengers arrives at the station. At about 10:10am with every carriage full of excited locals, both young and old, we departed the new South Morang station and travelled to Epping station. Here we departed the train and waited excitedly for the next train to arrive from the city that picked us all up and returned to South Morang.
The official opening by Transport Minister Terry Mulder
Transport Minister Terry Mulder offially opens the new South Morang Station. Here he is being interviewed by both TV and print media.
Excited South Morang Rail Alliance members.
Here members of the South Morang Rail Alliance join with fellow member and excited train driver Robert Aquilina at Epping Station. We are about to board the first official train into South Morang that will be taking passengers. We are also joined by long time supporter Whittlesea councilor, Cr. Rex Griffin.
Driver Robert Aquilina ready to commence.
Excited driver Robert Aquilina about to achieve his long time dream to drive the first official train from South Morang Station.

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