On this page you will find many historical photos kindly given to SMMRA for display.  They also appear on our Facebook page Extend the rail to Mernda, along with many other images taken during the campaign to have the rail back to Mernda.

The dates and other information beside the images are from those who have provided the pictures, however if you have further information please contact us.

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In 1887, rail workers like these men extended the railway from Reservoir to Whittlesea in just two years.

This is the Bridge Inn Hotel, pre-1891 as a single story wooden building with the Red Gum that still stands to this day on the opposite corner - a big thankyou to Page Member Robert Cockerell for sending this through to Extend the rail line to Mernda for us all to see! His ancestor John Cockerell invented the press that is in the foreground. A rare and priceless piece of local history.

The Bridge Inn Hotel, Mernda in 1891 - the railway was completed to Whittlesea in 1889.

Circa 1900, this was Cockerell's Forge in Mernda on the corner of Plenty Rd and Bridge Inn Rd on the North-West corner. Thanks to Robert Cockerell for the picture! 

We've uncovered a very rare photograph of a steam train bound for Whittlesea in the early 1900's

A Whittlesea Train leaving Merri Station in 1910, Northcote in the background - The land reserve still remains all the way to Whittlesea, click 'Like' if you would like to see it return! Thanks to Page member Robert Cockerell for sending it through.

Yes that sign is right, this train is going to Whittlesea! 30/11/1912

A photograph from 1912 of a steam train bound for Whittlesea 

The Bridge Inn Hotel Facebook Page had this picture recently added from the 1920's - It was called "Dehnert's Bridge Inn Hotel" in those days. The original windows on the ground level are currently being restored to what you can see in this photograph.

Findon Harriers Hunt Club arriving with horses from Melbourne at Mernda Train Station in the 1920ís.

An original 1920's train ticket from Whittlesea to Melbourne

If you felt like taking the train to the city from Mernda, Yan Yean or Whittlesea in 1924, this 'AEC Railmotor' is what you would have travelled on, how times have changed! Thanks goes to the Whittlesea Historical Society Website for this photograph.

Two adults and a child inspect the derailment of an AEC Railmotor at the Whittlesea turntable in 1926 - Oops!! 

Thanks to the Page member who sent in this picture from 1926 of the Whittlesea Station Turntable - The 'AEC Railmotor' that you can see was what you would catch to the city, it was similar to a bus or truck that ran on rails! 

Whittlesea Rail Station in 1939 - A Leyland Railmotor and trailer is pictured, painted in red and white stripes. 

Whittlesea Train Station in 1957, complete with advertising boards!

Looking sharp at the Mernda reunion in 1952 - I wonder how many walked down from Mernda Railway Station? 

Thanks to a Page Member for sending in an original 1954 ticket from Whittlesea to Regent,

This 1955 Broadbent's Roadmap shows Plenty Road before it was straightened to Whittlesea, the railway to Whittlesea, most of Laurimar as a swamp and the new name 'Lalor' replacing 'Germantown'.

Whittlesea Railway Station in 1957

Where is the location of this photograph taken on 6-9-1959? Here's a hint - if you live in Mernda and drive to work along Plenty Rd toward South Morang, you would pass this rail cutting every time.

How times have changed - this is Epping Railway Station on the 21/11/1959.

Mernda Railway Station on the 28th of November, 1959. The platform can still be seen in between Schotters Rd and Station St, near the corner of Bridge Inn Rd. Photo by J. Kerley and supplied to 'Extend the rail line to Mernda' by R. Aquilina. 

The line to Whittlesea was closed on the 28-11-1959. This photo was taken at Thomastown Railway Station, the waiting crowd about to board the final service to Whittlesea. 

This is Whittlesea Train Station in 1959 (it was located behind the sawmill).

We've managed to uncover a very rare photo of the original Yan Yean railway station on 6/9/1959! We've never seen a picture of it before and hope we can discover more just like it with your help.

A rail motor crossing Masons Lane (Hazleglen Drive), Mernda in the 1960s. The thin strip of land between Plenty Rd and Schotters Rd opposite the Safeway Petrol Station is where this photo was taken.

This original Whittlesea Train Line timetable shows that over 50 years ago, you could go from Flinders St to Mernda in around 60-70 minutes.

this is the famous Edwardes Park Lake steam engine being unloaded at Reservoir Train Station in 1969. It was bought for just $640 and travelled over 2 million km whilst in service. 

All aboard to Whittlesea Station! Do you, Mum or Dad, Grandma or Grandpa have any old photographs of the Whittlesea Line? We would love to add them to our Historical Photos album

As you can see from this original rail map, Mernda was known as South Yan Yean when rail first came through the area. Back then, it would take around 60-70 minutes by train to get to Flinders St.

Mernda station platform today.

Ever wondered why one half of the pavilion at Mernda Football club looks different to the other? It's because the original end is actually the Mernda Train Station Building!

An original train ticket from Whittlesea to Epping

A rare picture of the original South Morang Station which was located in between the old South Morang Primary School and Marymede College

Stopping Place 39 was located at the dogleg on McDonalds Rd where the new South Morang railway station now stands. It was not a formal station so to catch a train, you would have to wave to the driver to stop! The original South Morang station was located about 1.5km to the left of this photograph within the vicinity of Marymede College.

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